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Friday, May 20, 2005

Sign a petition against ID cards

I think that the UK Government's idea of a compulsory ID card and associated giant identity database is dreadful idea. There can be no doubt that it is an invasion of privacy and curtailment of freedom. In effect, you'll have to register with the government for the right to exist. Otherwise, you'll be a criminal.

If there was a good reason for it, then perhaps I could put up with it. I mean, we give up various freedoms for the common good all the time. So the police can break into your house and arrest you. That certainly is a curtailment of freedom and privacy! But we only allow it where the person is suspected of a serious crime. We don't allow it willy-nilly. The justifications that have been trotted out have ranged from terrorism to immigration and making it easy to join a video club. I don't believe it will make any difference in the former cases and I don't think the latter is a problem that needs solving with illiberal legislation and millions of pounds of taxpayer's money!

If you agree with me on this, sign the No2ID petition here:


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